Learning from Within the Heart of the Church

You can’t love what you don’t know. And if you don’t know the fundamentals of the Catholic faith, it’s difficult to know and love God — and it’s nearly impossible to share your faith with others.

The Institute for the New Evangelization exists to help equip Catholics who want to embrace the missionary nature of the Christian life with in-person CERTIFICATE classes in:

  • Catholic Theology (in English and Spanish)
  • Catholic Evangelization

We also offer a number of WORKSHOPS:
  • Forming Disciples in Mission – A one-day workshop in evangelization
  • Forming Leaders in Mission – A one-day workshop in leadership
  • Discerning Your Charisms – A half-day workshop

We’re always developing new RESOURCES. Right now, we’re offering a Speakers Series for the Year of the Eucharist and TINE Talks.
  • Year of the Eucharist Speakers Series
  • TINE Talks